BC Search Dog Association

Client: BC Search Dog Associaltion
Director: Jordie Lepage
Producer: Patrick Henry/Simon Hayter
DP: Jordie Lepage
AC: Alex Chan
Aerials: Patrick Henry


A best friend that will never let you down.

British Columbia in all it's beauty can actually be a treacherous place especially if you get lost while trying to enjoy what it's mountains and forests have to offer. We were happy to support the BC Search Dog Association (BCSDA) in building  public awareness for the service their volunteers offer to our communities across BC. Since the BCSDA is run by volunteers we too volunteered our time, services and equipment to make this project happen. The film was to premier at a search dog awareness night held at the Patagonia Vancouver store.

BC Search Dogs-7.JPG
BC Search Dogs-5.jpg
BC Search Dogs-9.JPG
BC Search Dogs-10.JPG

Once we created a story line, we started scouting. We needed a location that would allow us multiple looks within short range. We decided on one, set the date and crossed our finger for the right weather. When the day arrived we didn't get the perfect high overcast skies that we were hoping for, we got low overcast and rain. Our dedicated crew of volunteers made sure that the gear stayed dry, people were fed and dogs were pet of course.

BC Search Dogs-4.jpg

We shot this project on our Red Epic W with a beautiful set of Arri Supper Speeds, rented to us at a discount from our friend Dan Dumouchel. The MōVI M15 kept the hole rig stable for most of our action shots and our friends at Alterna Films provided the grip gear to help give our overcast light a bit more shape.

We would like to thank everyone that helped pull this project together in support of a great cause.