Mazda CX5 - Winter (director's cut)

Client: Mazda Canada
Agency: Redwood (London)
Director: Blake Jorgenson
Producer: Patrick Henry
DP: Jordie Lepage
Creative Director: Aston Leach
AC: Taylor Loughran

The Road to Bralorne

We took the Mazda CX5 to Bralorne BC, to showcase it's capability in some extremely snowy and icy environments. We were riding out the last of winter and it's exactly what we got. We had to travel light and be nimble. One pickup truck was all we could bring for our camera truck and transport this meant shooting gimbal shots off of the back of the tailgate in full on blizard conditions. Director Blake Jorgenson came up with the ingenious solution to turn his own vehicle into a mobile wash station to keep the cars clean while in the middle of nowhere.